Bitkoin Africa Trade Charges

We have a Trade Posting Charge of 0.5%. Here's what you should know:
  • We only ever charge users that create Trade Postings.
  • Users are only ever charged 0.5% of the cryptocurrency amount they actually sell or buy via their Trade Postings.
  • When you create and activate a Trade Posting to sell, we add the 0.5% to the maximum amount you intend to sell and put the total in your escrow balance. When other users buy any amount of cryptocurrency from that Trade Posting, we take 0.5% of the amount they bought from your escrow balance.
  • When you retire a sell Trade Posting, we move the remaining unsold cryptocurrency plus 0.5% of that, back to your available balance.
  • When you create and activate a Trade Posting to buy cryptocurrency and another user sells to that Trade Posting, we take 0.5% of the amount they sold before crediting your available balance with the difference.

How to check your list of trade charges

To find out how many times you've been billed the 0.5% trade charge:
  • Go to your list of Trade Postings from the 'Trades' menu on the navigation bar
  • Click the gear icon on the row with the trade in question 
  • Click on the 'Escrow and Charges' tab. 
You should see something like this:


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