How to sell Bitcoin on Bitkoin Africa

Bitkoin is a community of various users willing to buy or sell Bitcoin in Nigeria. Selling Bitcoin on Bitkoin Africa is easy and secure. This is because we provide escrow services; meaning that payment for Bitcoin is first deposited by the buyer, held by Bitkoin Africa, and then dispensed to sellers. So you don’t need to communicate directly with your buyers, and you’re protected from fraud.

Because buyers deposit the amount they intend to spend before making a Trade Posting, you only interact with the Bitkoin Africa platform and can be sure to receive your payment as soon as you make a sale. There’s no need for back and forth between you and your buyer. Selling Bitcoin on Bitkoin Africa can be done following these steps:

Step 1: Set up your Bitkoin Africa account

In order to be able to sell Bitcoin on Bitkoin Africa, you need to first have a Bitkoin Africa account with your bank account details added to your profile. We need your bank account details so we know where to deposit the money you make from your sales.

If you don’t have a Bitkoin Africa account yet, you can register by clicking “Register” on the homepage. The process is easy and we made a step-by-step guide to help you here. However, if you already have a Bitkoin Africa account that contains your bank details, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Go to the Bitkoin Africa trading page

You can get here by either searching from the homepage (which can be accessed by clicking the Bitkoin Africa logo at the top left part of the navigation bar) or clicking on the ‘Buy/Sell’ link on the top right part of the navigation bar.

From the homepage or ‘Buy/Sell’ page, select the ‘Sell’ option, type in how much Bitcoin you’d like to sell, then click ‘Search’. 


Step 3: Select your preferred buyer

Choose who you’d like to sell Bitcoin to from your search results. The results page will show buyers, the rate at which they’re willing to buy, and the minimum and maximum amounts they are willing to buy.

Select the buyer you think has the most profitable offer and click the ‘Sell’ button on the row with their details. 


Step 4: Review and confirm

After clicking ‘Sell’, take a few minutes to review the transaction. Trades are irreversible so it’s best to make sure all the details are correct before you click the confirm button.


Step 5: Sell BTC instantly

After reviewing and confirming your transaction, all that’s left to do is sell. Click the ‘Sell BTC Instantly’ button to sell BTC to the buyer of your choice.


Step 6: You’re done!

You have successfully sold Bitcoin to a buyer. Now sit back and await a credit alert from your bank.

You can view all your BTC transactions on one page. To do that, go to the Wallet menu on the navigation bar and click ‘Transactions’ from the drop-down menu.



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