How to edit a Trade Posting

A Bitkoin Africa Trade Posting is an advertisement that lets other users know you’re willing to buy or sell. It shows what cryptocurrency you're willing to trade in, how much you’re willing to buy or sell (including the minimum and maximum amounts) and the rates at which you’re willing to buy or sell.

However, your needs can change and you might need to modify your trade details after it has been posted. This is where editing comes in. Each Trade Posting can be edited to adjust the Price per unit of cryptocurrency, Minimum Transaction Amount, and Maximum Transaction Amount according to your new preferences.

Editing your Trade Posting can be done in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Select the Trade Posting you wish to edit

Go to your list of Trade Postings. To do this, select the 'Trade Postings' option from the 'Trades' drop-down menu on the navigation bar. From your list of Trade Postings, select your desired trade by clicking the gear icon on the same row.


Step 2: Edit your Trade Posting details

To edit your trade details, click on the pencil icon that appears beside the detail you wish to change. You can edit the Price per unit of cryptocurrency, Minimum Transaction Amount, and/or Maximum Amount.


Step 3: Save your new details

Check to make sure your new details are correct, then click 'Save'.


Step 4: That's all!

You're done! Your new trade details will be saved, and your Trade Posting and Wallet balance updated to reflect the changes.

These steps are applicable to ALL active, inactive and retired Trade Postings including ones with static and dynamic pricing.

Other guides that can help make your Bitkoin Africa experience better include: How to sell cryptocurrency, How to buy cryptocurrency, How to post a trade with static prices, and How to post a trade with dynamic pricing.  

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